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Located in Monson MA

We Offer MA & CT Approved Firearm Courses

Do you want to get your License to Carry?

Our course is NRA Basic Pistol (LTC-002). This is an 8 hour course with live fire, which is required by many Police Chiefs now and is suitable for non-resident permits as well.  (MA&CT)  Cost is $125.

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Gun Sales & Transfers

We are also a Federal and State Licensed firearms dealer.
We sell guns and can handle transfers.

Check out our Guns for sale page for in stock firearms

If we can't get what you want, we can walk you through the process of buying a gun from an online auction, such as GunBroker, provided that the gun is MA compliant. Click below to see if the firearm you are looking at is on one of the MA approved rosters.  We can then receive the firearm and transfer it to you.

Transfer fee is $35.

MA Approved Firearms Roster

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04:00pm – 06:00pm

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We usually schedule our classes for Saturdays but can accommodate week days if you have a group of 4-6 people.  Firearm sales and transfers are by appointment at this time.


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